Endorphins - How Menopause Affects the Body

Endorphins - How Menopause Affects the Body



Here we are - it’s part 3 of the Menopoised happiness hormone hack.  Last week we checked out oxytocin, the love hormone this week it’s all about bringing down your stress levels with endorphins.

Our hormones exist to stimulate our actions or feelings and endrophins help bring us back down to earth following a big burst of stress. They’re feel good and boost happiness and lower pain. The word endorphin is an amalgamation of the word endogenous (body) and morphine (opoid pain reliever).

Life is stressful. That much we know. So, I’ve put together some tips for a ‘happiness hormones hack’ for you, that cost little or nothing and I hope can boost your happiness.

  1. Dark chocolate. Oh yes, you know that’s my vice. My favourite @montezumas and @gochocchick. For the pleasure it brings it’s a pretty low cost per boost! I’m not making it up, it’s backed up by research – it needs to be at least 70% cocoa! Go on try it!
  2. I know! I know! It’s not all that easy right now, not always easy full stop. If you can get yourself out, a walk is just fine, raise your heart rate and get yourself a dose of endorphins.
  3. Cold Water. Not just in the sea or wild water swimming. You can achieve an endorphin jolt from a very cold shower too. But don’t over do it and do yourself an injury
  4. Being kind. Giving. Again it’s been researched, if you donate to charity it lights up a part of your brain associated with endorphins.
  5. Go on, give it a go. If you can do it socially even better.


Release your endorphins, let them loose and have a good time.


About Jo Darling MBAcC Lic Acu

Jo is a Brighton-based Acupuncturist with a Bachelor of Science degree in Acupuncture from the University of Greenwich. Her training includes western medicine pathology, physiology and anatomy. She is also a member of the British Acupuncture Council.

Jo is passionate about women’s health. She has helped 100’s of women live healthier, happier lives. She has spent over 10 years practicing acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, reflexology and Chinese herbs.

As well as fertility, pregnancy and natural menopause Jo specialises in the treatment of breast cancer patients particularly those thrown into early menopause by chemotherapy. This work inspired Menopoised.

For more information about her work visit her website.

About Menopoised

We understand the challenges of menopause because we are menopausal. That’s why we created Menopoised. The Menopoised Menopause Magnet is a first of their kind, acupuncture inspired, safe, effective and side-effect free. Our products have been created to support a broad spectrum of issues, designed to help guide women through a positive menopause.

How Can Help You?

If you’re suffering with hot flushes and night sweats, we can help. When we trialled our heroine product, the Menopoised Menopause Magnet, over 80% of our participants experienced a reduction in the intensity and frequency of their hot flushes and night sweats within a week of use. Read about our research here.

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If you’d like to join the Menopoised conversation and be first to hear about Menopoised news, offers and selfcare tips to manage your menopause naturally - sign up here.

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