Chinese Medicine Self-Care Treatment

Jo Darling, Chinese Medicine Self-Care Expert

Jo is an Acupuncturist with a twist.

Harnessing ancient self-care techniques including Acupressure and AcuOil (blending combines the power of acupuncture with the therapeutic effects of essential oils.) she helps her patients, around the world, to help themselves

Her passion for the Chinese medicine principle of Yang Sheng, the cultivation of life, enables her to support her patients to eat, sleep, move and feel well through perimenopause and beyond.

About Your Treatment

When you book your first consultation with Jo you'll receive a comprehensive health questionnaire for you to complete before your first session.

At your first 30 minute appointment, Jo will ask, in more detail, about your needs and form a diagnosis.

Following your meeting Jo will email you with self-care advice, including selected acupuncture points and suggested application, ie whether acupressure, AcuOil or magnets are best used.

You will also receive recordings to help you easily locate the points plus links to other recommendations such as oils or magnets.

A follow up meeting will then be scheduled to review how you're doing and tweak or continue your treatment.

Treatment Review

"Jo has helped me enormously over the last couple of years coping with changing hormones! I can't recommend her enough. She's brilliant." Amanda, Henley-on-Thames

Personalised Self-Care

I'm passionate about women's health and empowering women to take care of themselves. Chinese Medicine, the oldest and most used medicine in the world, has so many pearls of wisdom to offer. I use the lens of 'Yang Sheng' or the 'Nourishment of Life' to guide my practice and offer you personalised recommendations so that you can take charge of your midlife health and flourish through perimenopause and beyond.

I hope to meet you soon,

Big Love, Jo

Receive Regular Bite-Sized Wisdom

To enjoy regular bite-sized wisdom simpy click on the 'Yes Please' button and we'll pop self-care info direct to your inbox so you can take charge of your midlife health and flourish through perimenopause and beyond.

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