Only as good as your feedback

Menopoised is more than just an anonymous brand. It's a range of thoughtfully designed, natural products, inspired by your feedback and built on community. We know we're only as good as your feedback - keep it coming.

What Jo B says

“My cancer treatment pushed me into an early menopause. There was no steady climb with my symptoms, I was straight to the top of the mountain. Overwhelming heat, sudden face and body sweats left me feeling out of control and self conscious. These little magical magnets took the edge off those moments and gave me the confidence amongst people again.”

What Frith J says

“As an Osteopath I work really closely with my patients. Sweats can be embarassing and debilitating. The magnet has really helped my heat issues and let me get back on with my work, worry free.”

What Jo R says

“I was first introduced to magnets to treat hot flushes after my breast cancer treatment.  I was put a hormone suppressing drug and, as a result, crashed head first into the menopause.  I was besieged with flushes day and night, but had few options available to treat them.  The magnets were a Godsend. They reset my system and put me right back into balance.  I can't recommend them highly enough.”

What Sally L says

"I’ve had no night flushes since the magnet was put on. My mood is good. Heat in the body seems less intense."

What Ruth R says

“I'm feeling better, sleep has improved, I've started to have a few nights when I haven't woken up having a hot flush which was happening every night. Also, when I'm working I'm less aware of feeling too hot and anxious - the hot flushes bring a mild anxiety feeling which passes when the hot flush passes - that has been happening less which is great.

LOVE the magnet.”

- Mandy C

“ Things here are still great!!! I’m having plenty of sleep and not a sign of a sweat!!! In general I’d say I have a spring in my step!!!! Which is fabulous. I’ve showered, swam in the sea, been to the hairdressers and had a massage and it’s still firmly stuck in place.”

- Andrea M

"I took the magnet off for two days. The sweats were really intense & frequent but as soon as I put it back on they’ve eased again. Even with the hot humid weather."

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