The Menopoised Menopause Magnet

Fast acting, natural and side-effect free. It's verified by real women and recommended by health professional.

In trials, 80% of women reported a reduction in intensity and/or frequency of hot flushes and night sweats.

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Fast acting

Research and feedback tells us many women are benefitting almost immediately.

Natural, side-effect free

Completely natural, based on the ancient wisdom of chinese medicine.

Verified by real women

Reviews from real women show benefits beyond reducing heat.

Evidence based

Trials show 80% of women benefited from a reduction in menopausal heat.

During treatment and beyond

Used by cancer patients and survivors, recommended by Oncology specialists.

Recommended by professionals

Approved by registered nutritionists, naturopaths, osteopaths & acupuncturists


Simple to use

Natural drug free ancient wisdom.

Easy to locate

Located just below your hair line.

Discreet to wear

Sits on the back of your neck.

Effective, natural and side effect-free. Menopoised products are rooted in ancient wisdom, made for modern living.

Our Founder's Story

Jo Darling is an acclaimed women’s natural health specialist and oncology acupuncturist. Her work with cancer patients, helping to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy,radiotherapy and hormonal treatment has been life changing for not just her patients but also for her.

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Our Philosophy

We’re more than just our products, we’re a community.

Menopoised® is rooted in the principles of Chinese medicine, the oldest and most used medicine in the world. We know that when a woman embraces the self-care principles of Yang Sheng (Nourishment of life) by fine-tuning how she eats, sleeps, moves and thinks - she can live well.

Everything we do from our blog posts to our instagram grid, facebook community and weekly bite-sized newsletters is steeped in this philosophy to support your wellbeing.

May 17, 2021

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INFORMATION IS POWER. IT'S THE KEY THAT OPENS THE DOOR TO CHANGE. Thank you to the incredible women who continue to r...

May 4, 2021

How Do Menopause Magnets Work? | Menopause Magnets For Hot Flushes

Menopoised menopause magnets work by combining the tried and tested science of Acupuncture with the power of magnets ...
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