Our Philosophy

Live Well, Live Long

Menopoised® is rooted in the principles of Chinese medicine, the oldest and most used medicine in the world. This incredible ancient wisdom has a recorded clinical history of over 2000 years.

Our principles are aligned with the tenants of Yang Sheng, which translates to the nourishment of life and the viewpoint that if we live well, we will live long.

We’re more than just our products, we’re a community. We know that when a woman embraces the self-care of Yang Sheng – fine-tuning how she eats, sleeps, moves and thinks - she can live well.

We hope to nourish your mind and body by offering you guidance on wellness - inspired by nature and in-line with the seasons.

Menopoised®offers you effective, side-effect free support when you need it most to empower you through your natural life transition – menopause.

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Our Mission

We believe in women. We believe in choice. We believe in nature. That’s why we created natural products to give you a choice. A choice to use naturally derived, powerful products to ease you through your natural life transition – menopause.

Our products are rooted in ancient wisdom and effectively proven through practice-based evidence.

100% of women go through the menopause, 80% will experience life-limiting issues that directly affect mental health and personal relationships.

We want to help all women to be as poised and prepared as they can be.

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