About Menopoised®

Our Founder Jo Darling

Women's health expert and Oncology Acupuncturist, Jo has distilled years of practice-based evidence to create Menopoised® Read More

Rooted in Ancient Wisdom

Menopoised® is rooted in the principles of Chinese medicine, the oldest and most used medicine in the world with a recorded clinical history of over 2000 years.Our philosophy is aligned with the tenants of Yang Sheng, which translates to the nourishment of life and the viewpoint that if we live well, we will live long.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to change the lives of women the world over. Harnessing our passion and knowledge about natural health in midlife to give you the choice to have a positive menopause, naturally.

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What Women Say

"I’ve had no night flushes since the magnet was put on. My mood is good. Heat in the body seems less intense."

Sally L

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Tried, Tested & Loved by Real Women

Alongside years of in-clinic observation with hundreds of women as to the efficacy of Menopoised products, we conducted a small trial to research the impact of our product in 2019.

Our trial found that over 80% of participants experienced a reduction in the intensity and frequency of their hot flushes and night sweats within a week of using the Menopoised Menopause Magnet.

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