Chinese medicine sees everything as connected using the word correspondences it connects winter with water and the organs of the Kidneys and the Bladder. Winter is also, as you would expect represented by the climate of cold and the colour of black. 

The kidneys are the organs which rule all our transitions in life, their wellbeing is critical at perimenopause and beyond. And because their energy is finite they’re also implicated in our aging process.

So, what better place to start with our self-care in perimenopause than with the kidneys the organs for transition, hormonal health and aging.



The energy of the kidneys begins in our feet, it’s the place where our Kidney meridian begins and, as a result, a great place to start our midlife selfcare.

The whole of the sole of our feet relates to our kidneys and this is where our kidney energy begins. Kidney 1 or ‘Bubbling Spring’ is the start of kidney meridian which sends Kidney energy around our bodies.

As a result, our feet are a great place to start our midlife selfcare. Learn more about the kidneys and hot flushes here.



And this is why we bathe our feet in water. The kidneys are nourished by water so rather than wrap our feet in blankets or hot water bottles putting them in warm water is best.

That’s not to say that using other methods isn’t helpful, it’s just that water resonates so beautifully with the kidneys and has such a restorative effect it’s superior to any other heating method.



This wonderful Chinese proverb tells us how important it is to keep the feet warm. As warm bloodied creatures, it’s important that we retain a warm core temperature. Keeping your feet warm can help the body stay warm.

In perimenopause and menopause, even if you’re burning up with hot flushes or night sweats it can still mean you experience cold. Especially after the spike in temperature.

If your feet are naturally cold, it’s important to do something about it. That’s where foot bathing comes in.



If you’re suffering with cold feet or you’d just like to give your kidneys a boost to support your perimenopause a footbath before bed can be just the ticket. Night time is yin, which means that when we keep our feet warm through the night we’re looking after the yin aspect of our kidneys. Especially important if you’re suffering with poor sleep or dryness during your perimenopause.

If you experience poor circulation generally, or extremely cold feet or perhaps your feet have been a bit cool for a few years then the double whammy of a footbath followed by super cosy socks would be advisable.


When we’re warm, we can rest and be at ease. Being cold puts the body on alert that something isn’t quite right. This is especially important for a good night’s sleep.

Warming our feet creates a better environment for our wellbeing.  Warming your feet, warms your body and when your body is warm your mind can be at ease.

If sleeping is an issue for you, I thoroughly recommend giving foot bathing a go. Start 30 minutes before bedtime and roll straight into bed when you’re done. Avoid stimulation and give yourself some slow steady deep breaths. For an extra boost try some yoga nidra (read about the benefits of this wonderful meditation here https://www.menopoised.co.uk/blogs/news/the-benefits-of-yoga-nidra-in-midlife



You don’t need a fancy foot bath to warm up your feet, especially when you’re starting out, you can simply fill a bucket or bowl with warm water. But if you feel the benefits and would like to invest, a footbath that keeps the water warm is a great idea. Bubbles are a nice aesthetic, but nothing beats keeping you feet warmer for longer so look for that function.

Fill the container with enough water to cover the whole of your foot, including the top. Add any extras – see below for suggestions and then soak your feet for 5-10 minutes.

Remove your feet, give them a massage. Rub your soles, toes and tops of feet for about 5 minutes. Top up the warm water and place your feet back in the water for another soak for 30 minutes.



If you’d like to add something extra to your bathing ritual you can try herbs or oils that have a warming property in Chinese medicine dietary therapy. You could try adding ginger powder to the water 2 teaspoons per 250ml.

My favourite essential oil to use on Kidney 1 is Vetiver, this wonderful oil is sedating and calming and wonderful addition to a nighttime selfcare routine. Add 10 drops per 1 litre.

If you’re experiencing night sweats you could also consider adding in a few drops of clary sage to help support your hormones through the night. Maybe add lavender or geranium to support calm. To learn more about how the kidneys effect menopausal hot flushes and nightsweats read here https://www.menopoised.co.uk/blogs/news/what-do-your-kidneys-have-to-do-with-hot-flushes-in-menopause-everything

Adding Epsom salts can also be hugely beneficial. Salt corresponds with the kidneys so it’s soothing and restoring to bathe the feet in them. Simply add ½ cup of Epsom salts to your warm water and leave your feet to rest for 30mins.



Please remember that Chinese medicine is a preventative medicine. When you take care of your health in Winter you’ll thank yourself in Spring! Our advice, although based on 1000’s of years of ancient wisdom isn’t a substitute for your regular medical treatment. Chinese medicine respects that our health is very individual, if you have a specific health condition you may want to consult your treatment provider before starting. As with anything, if it doesn’t feel right or causes any discomfort please stop immediately.


About Jo Darling MBAcC Lic Acu, Founder Menopoised®

Jo Darling is an acclaimed Chinese medicine practitioner and retreat leader, with expertise in women’s natural health and the founder of Menopoised® She’s passionate about helping women transition through menopause, whether natural or medically induced and is an experienced oncology acupuncturist.

Jo’s mission is to empower women to live healthier, happier lives sharing her 15 years of clinical experience harnessing the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. She successfully works with patients to support them with mental and physical health imbalances from hot flushes to anxiety, low mood or low energy, migraines, insomnia and much more.

Jo integrates a range of Chinese medical techniques including acupuncture, gua sha, moxibustion and offers lifestyle advice (yang sheng) to help women help themselves. She offers both in person and remote treatment incorporating the use of essential oils to activate specific acupuncture points.


Jo Darling Wellness Retreats

Jo runs Chinese medicine retreats in the UK and abroad. Rooted in the principle of the Chinese clock, (when we do the right thing at the right time 1 day can seem like 3) Jo curates your stays to make the most of the energy of the day and season. Making selfcare effortless and lasting.

Her workshops are designed to make Chinese medicine a joy to embody, teaching selfcare tools to inspire you to take care of yourself. Enjoy gentle movement practices, acupuncture treatments, wonderful food and exquisite locations.

UK Wellness Retreat, Wasing Berkshire February 2024

Join me, for a weekend retreat filled with Chinese medical wisdom, stunning natural surroundings and nourishing food. Invigorate your senses with a wild swim (or toe dip) in the lake, warm up in the lakeside sauna and enjoy 2 hours of restorative, gentle yoga.

Stay at the estates Home Farm for dinner and personalised predictions for the year ahead. Plus support your mind and body with acupuncture and qi gong to help you gently move into Spring. More info here 


Spanish Wellness Retreat, Andalucia May 2024

Rest, restore and revitalise in the magical mountains, waterfalls and sunshine of Andalucia, Spain.

During our time together I’ll introduce you to the theory of the ‘Chinese Clock’ which explains that each organ has peak energy at a specific time of day. I'll show you how to harness this energy to optimise your wellbeing.

We’ll live and breathe the concept through a series of workshops, gentle movement practices and acupuncture treatments to help you take care of yourself. With lots of spare time in between to enjoy the wonderful food, sunshine, pool and caves of our magical luxury retreat. More info here

About Bazi Health Readings With Jo

Jo offers Bazi (chinese astrology) health readings to help you to understand yourself better. Through a reading with her you can find out what aspects of your health, mental and physical need more support and find out how to harness your strengths to help you feel better.

What you'll get from a reading:

* Empower yourself with greater self knowledge

* Understand you physical, emotional and mental potential

* Recognise and hone your strengths

* Learn how to support your health weaknesses

If you'd like to find out more about a Bazi health reading with Jo click here.

How Jo’s Cancer Patients Changed Her Life

Her work with cancer patients, helping to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonal treatment has been life changing not just for her patients but also for her.

She noticed her cancer patients often experienced immediate and intense menopause symptoms (as a side effect of their treatment) and for some their hot flushes were so overwhelming they couldn’t even drive to her clinic. Menopausal herself and rocked by her best friend’s cancer diagnosis she decided enough was enough.

Jo says:

“I looked around for effective natural solutions, aligned with my principles and ethos that I could recommend to my patients. What I found was nothing. At least nothing that was proven to be effective that women could use at home and get the same effects as seeing an acupuncturist.

That’s when I took things into my own hands and created Menopoised®. Effective, natural, side-effect free and beautiful to boot. Because, quite frankly why shouldn’t products for menopausal women look and feel gorgeous!”

Armed with her extensive knowledge, practise-based evidence and expertise in Chinese Medicine she set about creating beautiful, effective products herself under the brand name Menopoised®.

Menopoised® Products

The Menopoised Menopause Magnet

For when your menopause is too hot to handle, helps get your cool back naturally. Each box contains four ready-to-wear magnets and 24 replacement plasters. Fast-acting, wear anytime and side effect free.  Read our FAQs here.

Embrace Cool, Find Calm, Be Collected Aromatherapy Rollerballs

When your menopause is getting you down, our aromatherapy pulse point oils help you Embrace Cool, Find Calm and Be Collected. Each intuitive and thoughtful blend is formulated to harness the natural healing principles of Chinese medicine.

Let the oils ancient botanical wisdom take care of you. Set of 3 x 10ml pulse point essential aromatherapy oils.

Embrace Cool releases the natural essences of wise Clary Sage, calming and balancing Geranium, refreshing Lemon and Cooling Peppermint to help take the edge off those moments of feeling overwhelmed and overheated.

Find Calm with delightful and luxurious Neroli to float you to cloud nine, whilst Lavender calms, Patchouli soothes and Ylang Ylang relaxes. A welcome moment of peace when you need it most.

Be Collected is a clearing blend that releases the natural essences of Rosemary to help you keep it all together along with cool Peppermint and woody Cypress, for those times when you need to be on the top of your game.

Cool & Calm Aromatherapy Cream

This luxurious Cool and Calm cream blends pure essential oils to calm the mind, balance the hormones and cool you down when you’re feeling the heat.

When your temperature’s rising Rose Geranium supports hormonal balance and cooling Peppermint brings a breath of fresh air and clarity. Woody Frankincense instills a sense of peace whilst Lavender’s relaxing properties infuse calm. Wise and cool Clary Sage helps to calm the nerves, with an affinity for hormonal health. 

Beautifully blended to nourish and restore this Cool and Calm cream harnesses the richly moisturising properties of cocoa and shea butters to help rehydrate and protect tired skin.

Jo Darling



Please Note

The information on our site is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. If you experience any discomfort while using our products, please discontinue use immediately. Do not use our products on broken skin. Please refer to the ‘sensible precautions’ outlined on our packaging and product leaflets. Contact the Menopoised Team on hello@menopoised.co.uk if you need any further advice.





hard to bring the mind internally – during qi gong - If inhospitable environment – too cold – mind doesn’t want to come back – soak feet – creates better enviro in body – herbs/acu – heat pads haramaki


  • Footbath – bathing feet in hot water more beneficial than ginseng- bathing in different seasons does different thins – affects sp3, liv3 – aging is depletion pf kis hair, constipation, teeth, indigestion – stimulates lots of points – nourish vita energy and orgns cleaing and regulating meridians
  • (basin – warm water pour in enough to cover whole foot – soak for 5-10mins) rub and knead top, sole and toes of feet with hands – locate SP3, KI3, LIV3, KI1 – add more hot water- rub and knead feet with dry towel for 20-30 mins - bathe feet at night go to bed 30 mins after – this helps to generate yang energy  - benefits, regulates ki energyprommotes blood circulation, clears tendons, muscles, prevents colds, reduce blood pressure, support rheumatism, headaches
  • Exercise meridian – massage on torso and foot – sit in a chair use palm or clench fist- press/knead down abdomen 5-10 mins a day clears the meridian in the chest
  • KI1, KI3, KI6 sit on floor with legs bent massage both hands over KI1 with force 5—100 times
  • KI3 + KI6 press with finger tips for 3 minutes each good for cold hands and feet
  • Pure water is the best medicine for water
  • Meridian starts at the feet - cold feet, heavy legs, night time cramp (relate to KI) - Copper ointment on soles of feet to strengthen ki’s for all types of cold in the evenings
  • Warm feet Ginger compress linen clth, towel, hot water bottle, 2nd cloth ginger powder, lavender oil
  • Winter organ – time for recharge ready for spring – important for the process of regeneration slow recovery from illness is weak ki energy
  • 2 tablespoons fo ginger powder, for 250ml warm water mox – fill hot water bottle with water, soak linen cloth in ginger water, wring out and lay on kis place towel on top, and hot water bottle on top of that for 20-30mins – remove then cover in lavender – rest in the quiet for 20 mins


  • Pure water is the best medicine for water
  • Meridian starts at the feet - cold feet, heavy legs, night time cramp (relate to KI) - Copper ointment on soles of feet to strengthen ki’s for all types of cold in the evenings
  • Warm feet Ginger compress linen clth, towel, hot water bottle, 2nd cloth ginger powder, lavender oil
  • Winter organ – time for recharge ready for spring – important for the process of regeneration slow recovery from illness is weak ki energy
  • Our kidney energy grounds and root us, keeps us moist and lubricated and importantly they also keep us cool. Sounds like an energy we could do with in perimenopause and menopause right? And explains why hot flushes in menopause are often rooted in dwindling kidney energy.
  • The emotion associated with them is fear, when they’re out of balance we are fearful and when we’re fearful it can impact their ability to do what they need to do.
  • In modern medicine our adrenal glands, which sit on top of our kidneys (and are represented by Kidneys in Chinese medicine) need to be taken care of because they're involved in menopause oestrogen production.
  • So, both perspectives agree that our kidneys/adrenals are especially important during peri/menopause and can be implicated in the menopause hot flush experience.
  • In Chinese medicine kidney energy starts on the feet at a point called Gushing Spring! This point, not often needled, is easily treated with acupressure and it feels really good! And it can bring relief from a menopause hot flush.
  • This wonderful point descends energy which is great for headaches, soothing anger or frustration, insomnia, palpitations, poor memory, rage AND hot flushes or hot flashes and nightsweats. It explains why acupuncture or pressure is a great natural medicine for hot flashes.
  • If you’re looking for remedies for hot flushes in menopause and want to take your self-care to another level, pairing this point with an essential oil or oils to complement these actions is wonderful. Acupuncture and essential oils are both natural menopause treatments that really work.
  • Clary sage and geranium are both great hormonal balancers and natural medicine for hot flashes, either would be great paired with this point. Top tip make sure they’re diluted with fractionated oil for best results. If you’re looking for a beautiful, thoughtfully created blend we’ve developed Embrace Cool Aromatherapy Oil just for you.
  • Here’s the Menopoised Ancient Ritual created to help you harness the power of Chinese medicine. Smother the soles of your feet as part of your nightly bedtime ritual. By covering this area you’ll be activating the kidney point Gushing spring with your acupressure and feeding the bodies need for cool with the cooling properties of the oil. Remember essential oil is totally natural so it’s important to apply nightly for the best results.
  • If you’re looking for natural menopause treatments that really work and seeking relief from your menopause hot flush why not give this ancient ritual a try. It smells and feels amazing and will calm and cool you for a great nights sleep.
  • NB Embrace Cool contains the natural essences of wise Clary Sage, calming and balancing Geranium, refreshing Lemon and cooling Peppermint to help take the edge off those moments of feeling overwhelmed and overheated.
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